Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where will jobs be as the economy recovers?

DWS economists make occupational projections every two years. They use computer models and analysis to make a forecast of employment in the near future.

The latest occupational projections have been completed for almost 700 distinct occupations and are now on our website, jobs.utah.gov/wi. These look at job openings through 2018.

Also, an article in Trendlines tells how projections are made and how to use them. In addition it describes the industries in which occupations will be growing the most through 2018.

There's a list of fastest growing occupations (through 2018) with Biomedical engineers being the single fastest growing occupation in the country. Is this an occupation you have ever thought of? There are probably others that never occurred to you, but will be big in the next few years.

See the article in Trendlines at http://jobs.utah.gov/wi/pubs/trendlines/mayjune10/nationalnews.pdf

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