Friday, September 24, 2010

Pilot study planned for new jobs program

The Utah Department of Workforce Services and the Utah Department of Health are working together to create an employment-based pilot program for certain Medicaid and food stamp recipients with an eye toward getting them into the workforce. The program is titled "People Who Can Work Do Work."
A team comprised of members from both agencies will define the scope of the project, as well as identify policy constraints, a funding model, work supports, participation criteria and incentives. The program is expected to demonstrate cost savings. It is in its developmental stages now and is expected to begin in July 2011.
"Our challenge is to provide key social services and a safety net to citizens who need support while managing government expense and reducing avoidable dependence on public assistance," said Kristin Cox, executive director of the Department of Workforce Services. "A fundamental purpose of our department is to help our customers who are able to work obtain employment." The Deseret News

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