Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FirmFind - a great tool on the DWS webpage

One of the on-line tools highlighted in the current issue of Trendlines is FirmFind. This tool provides an efficient way for job seekers and students to identify and contact potential employers, among 80,000 employers in Utah, without going through the phone book or other cumbersome lists. It is a database of all businesses in Utah that you can sort by who hires a specific occupation - so you can target your resume and job search efforts to those employers.

You can sort for your area, find firms by industry or occupation, find the largest firms or a particular firm by name. You then have their contact information and other firm info you can download in spreadsheet format. Or, you can do a search then just download that listing of firms in the area you specify.

A business owner looking for a marketing tool can find firms by county, industry, and number of employees.


Check it out at .

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