Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Consumer Attitude Index: Utahns above average

Utahns are above average in attitude, at least as far as the economy is concerned. That's one conclusion from a new study by Zions Bank that attempts to quantify attitudes about the economy and provide a basis for comparison with the nation and with earlier times. Few people would immediately understand what it means when the Consumer Attitude Index is said to be 76.2. But that number captures what many Utahns have been been thinking about the economy.

Of the 500 Utahns surveyed, 22 percent believe current business conditions are good and 94 percent think jobs are "hard to get" or "not so plentiful." But only 8 percent think the economy will get worse and 38 percent think it will get better. The survey found similar mildly positive expectations for jobs and income levels. Deseret News

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