Monday, January 31, 2011

New Census Data Tool

Just when you thought it was safe to visit the Census Bureau website. . . If you are true data geek, you are no doubt familiar with the abundance of data that is available via the American Factfinder on the the Census Bureau website. But, the Factfinder, it is a changin'. . .Now you'll be able to access population and demographic data for your local area via the "New American Factfinder."

Right now the new Factfinder is populated only with 2000 Census data and some 2008 population estimates. All the American Community Survey you've come to know and love still resides in the "Legacy American Factfinder." However, as time progresses, all this information will migrate to the new interface system. By the fall of 2011, the Legacy Factfinder will be discontinued. In addition, if you want to access 2010 Census data (which should start appearing in February), you'll need to use the New Factfinder.

The interface for the new Factfinder is very different from the legacy version. In other words, if you're a heavy data user, now might be the time to become familiar with it! However, the functionality and mapping features appear to be a vast improvement from the legacy version. For more information on the New American Factfinder, click here.

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