Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Canyons board gives the go-ahead on construction projects

Canyons School District board members on Tuesday voted to approve a time line that includes 13 new construction, repair or replacement projects within the next 10 years.
First on the list will be a new high school, built to accommodate the growing numbers of high school students in the Draper area and to facilitate a grade reconfiguration within the district that would place ninth-graders in high school. Albion Middle, Butler Middle, Midvale Elementary and Sandy Elementary schools will also see immediate action, meaning that students will be bused to other locations during construction at their schools.
The board will issue up to $70 million in bonds approved by voters last June to cover the immediate construction costs on the first five projects. Some of the costs will be covered by ongoing capital, or cash sitting in the district's account. Deseret News

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