Monday, March 7, 2011

Utah's Ethnic/Racial Population Shares

With the release of 2010 Census data, Utah's growing Hispanic/Latino population has been getting a lot of press lately. But, there are other minority groups in Utah. (Just a reminder. . .the Hispanic/Latino designation represents an ethnic group--not a race. Individuals classified in this category can be a member of any racial group.) After to the Hispanic/Latino population (13 percent), Asians--with just 2 percent of total population--make up the next largest minority group. Individuals classifying themselves as part of two or more racial groups account for almost the same share as Asians. African Americans, American Indians, and Native Pacific Islands each provide roughly 1 percent of Utah's population. The "catchall" category for all other races accounts for a tiny 0.1 percent of the state total.

(Click on the charts to enlarge.)

On the other hand, when you start with a small base (2000), growth rates tend to overshadow changes in larger groups. Such was the case in the "other" racial category. Between 2000 and 2010, the population in this group almost doubled (91 percent). As has been reported in the press, the much larger Hispanic/Latino population also exploded over the last decade--78 percent. In fact, almost all minority classifications experienced more rapid population growth than the majority "white" population. This is probably not only to in-migration but differences in birth/death rates. Interestingly, Utah's Native American Indian population barely changed between 2000 and 2010.

Currently, only total population and racial/ethnic breakdowns are available from the 2010 Census. However, detailed place/city/census tract information is available. But be warned--the "New American Factfinder" that you use to access the 2010 Census data doesn't seem to be particularly user-friendly--even for those of accustomed to extracting information from the Census website. (Yes, I may be desperate enough to actually view the tutorials.) This link provides some information about how to use the new system--which you can access here.

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