Monday, August 22, 2011

Utah has plenty of places with low population density

Want elbow room? Fairfield in Utah County’s west-desert Cedar Valley has plenty. It has only 1.5 dwellings and 4.5 people per square mile. That’s the lowest housing density among cities and towns in the state. Are you more of a people person? Then Kearns may be for you. It has 2,196 dwellings and an astounding 7,717 people per square mile, both the highest in the state. In fact, Kearns has about 1,700 times more people per square mile than Fairfield.

That’s according to the 2010 census. It shows that, in general, Utah has plenty of room with 33.6 people per square mile statewide, the ninth lowest population density among the 50 states. That is less than half the national population density of 79.6 people per square mile.

But where people in Utah actually do gather, they tend to flock with high density. A census map shows dense population along the Wasatch Front — where about three of every four Utahns live — but vast areas in the desert and mountains elsewhere where few live. Salt Lake Tribune

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