Friday, October 21, 2011

Census Bureau releases new poverty counts

This week, the Census Bureau just seems to be working its little heart out producing data releases. Currently, they've released new poverty comparisons by state.

In 2010, Utah's poverty rate for all people measured 13.2 percent--that's up notably from 2009 when the comparable figure measured 11.5 percent. Of course, that shouldn't come as a huge surprise since the economy was just starting to recover during 2010. Most states also showed increasing poverty rates. For the few that did not, the decline was not significantly significant.

Fortunately for the Beehive State, our poverty rate measures significantly below the national average of 15.3 percent and in the bottom third of all states. (For a previous discussion of poverty rates, click here.)

Interestingly, almost all states showing high poverty rates are in the South--many of the same states that show low-levels of households on public assistance (see this post).

To read the complete research brief from the Census Bureau, click here.

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