Friday, May 4, 2012

Measuring the Value of Utah's Job Matching System - Trendlines article

Although DWS’ share of the market can't be separated from the hidden job market, the DWS job matching system exhibits a measureable impact on hiring.

One of the services Utah’s Department of Workforce Services (DWS) provides to employers is a no-cost, web-based job matching system. This system, in the simplest terms, allows employers to recruit for new workers through an online service (at The system then searches registered applicants and presents to the employer a list of job seekers matching their criteria. Employers may interview and select from the referrals provided. A long-standing question has been how to measure the value of the job matching system in relation to the overall labor economy.

DWS’ Workforce Research and Analysis Division (WRA) recently developed an innovative method to measure the real market share of this activity. The challenge has been the limitation of traditional micro-data to identify the actual universe of new hiring activity in the labor market. In order to know the impact of the public job matching system, it is necessary to know which employers are hiring and to match those employers to the DWS job matching system.

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