Friday, October 5, 2012

Occupations Related to Electric Vehicles

Did you know that electric vehicles actually outsold gas-powered vehicles in the early 1900s? Now they’re making a comeback! Electric vehicles are better for the environment, and – given the rising cost of gas prices – might also be more affordable over the long run. This industry employs a variety of workers in Research, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Maintenance. For example, there are research scientists who are focused on improving battery technology, including a group at Utah State University who just received a $3 million grant improve electric vehicle battery performance. Chemical, electrical, industrial and mechanical engineers all play a role in the design, development, and testing of electric vehicles and the various systems involved in making those vehicles run efficiently. The largest concentration of U. S. workers in electric vehicle manufacturing occupations (assemblers, CNC tool operators, and machinists) is in the Great Lakes region, but workers that maintain electric vehicles are needed all across the country. No matter what the occupation, people who work on electric vehicles require specialized training. 

You can learn more about these occupations, and find schools that offer related programs via UtahFutures. You might also be interested in this article in the Occupational Outlook Quarterly: Electric Vehicle Careers: On the Road to Change. And – just for fun – learn about an electric vehicle company on “our side” of the country: Tesla Motors. Tesla’s Chief Technical Officer got his start in the industry at age 14 when he discovered a discarded golf cart and re-built it! UTAHCTE

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