Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where did they come from, where did they go? The Census Bureau knows. . .

The Census Bureau has just released state-to-state migration flow tables for 2011. In other words, we can now track the state of origin for individuals moving to Utah during 2011 and where out-migrating Utahns moved.

The estimates indicate that more than 85,000 persons moved from other states to Utah compared to 73,000 persons leaving Utah for homes in other states. California ranked as the top previous state of residence for those moving to Utah, while out-migrating Utahns were most likely to relocate in Arizona.

Whether coming or going, the same four states accounted for both the largest shares of Utah's 2011 moves—Arizona, California, Idaho, Texas and Washington. Other than Florida, Eastern and Midwestern populations are unlikely to move to or from Utah. Remember that this data comes from a survey. States with no in- or out-migration figures may not accurately reflect reality.

To access the state-to-state data flows from the Census Bureau, click here.  


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