Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tips on how to gain an edge in the job hunt

Just the thought of hunting for a job might put some on edge. Four experts were asked for their best advice, and their answers are summarized below, with a few specific responses highlighted.

How much time can it take to find a job? Much will depend on a variety of factors. Are your skills in demand? Do you have a resume at the ready?

What’s the biggest mistake people make with a job hunt? Emailing the same resume to 10 or 20 employers.

Some employers hire third parties to sift through resumes, and they may be looking for six or so key words, Joseph Genest, an employment service facilitator said. If the words don’t show up, your resume hits the trash. Job experts recommend researching wording for qualifications at

Salt Lake Tribune

You can also find occupational information specific to Utah on DWS’ Occupational Explorer.

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