Friday, March 15, 2013

2012 Census County-Level Population Estimates Available

The U.S. Census Bureau has just released its 2012 population estimates for counties, metropolitan areas and micropolitan areas.

You can use the visualization below to access county-level population numbers by selecting the appropriate area. 

Remember, the Utah Population Estimates Committee under the guidance of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget will also release 2012 population estimates for the state and counties at a later date.

  • Vernal (fifth) and Heber City (sixth) were ranked among the fastest-growing micro areas in the nation during 2012. Vernal also ranked number 10 for the largest numeric increase in U.S. micropolitan population. 
  • According to the Census estimates, the fastest growing counties in Utah were Uintah (4 percent), Wasatch (4 percent), Washington (2 percent), Duchesne (2 percent) and Utah (2 percent). Statewide, the population grew 1.5 percent during 2012. 
  • With the exception of Washington County, the highest levels of population growth were centered in the Wasatch Front/Uintah Basin counties and their contiguous neighbors. 
  • The oil and gas field boom of the Uintah Basin drove population growth in Uintah and Duchesne counties following a similar pattern to the U.S. population expansion. 
  • Roughly one-third of Utah’s counties actually showed population declines. These were generally rural counties in the central part of the state. 
  • Counties showing the largest population declines included Sevier (1 percent), Wayne (1 percent), Garfield (2 percent), Rich (2 percent) and Daggett County (6 percent). 

To access the entire data set, click here.

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