Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rumors of a cheap-energy jobs boom remain just that

Despite the news that the glassmaking company Libbey’s shares have risen, Libbey has announced it would lay off 200 workers in Louisiana. This is another example of why manufacturing, for all its renewed promise, is likely to fall far short of the claims by industry groups that millions of new factory jobs are about to be created in the United States because of the unlocking of abundant supplies of domestic energy.

While the sector has added 500,000 jobs since the recession ended and the value of what the nation’s factories shake out is close to a high, there are nonetheless two million fewer manufacturing workers today than in 2007. Ever since the early 1960s, the share of jobs in manufacturing has been on a nearly uninterrupted downward slope, now accounting for less than 9 percent of all employment in the United States. New York Times

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