Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sometimes even Economic Graphics are Cool

Mark Knold, Supervising Economist

Believe it or not, an economist can recognize a cool thing when they see it. (Alright, maybe if it is only tied to economics.) This link will take you to what I believe is a cool graphic. It centers on 372 metropolitan areas around the country and represents the change in their job numbers (growth or contraction) during the time period 1999 to the present. It’s an interactive graphic where you press the play button and then watch the landscape morph as you come out of the go-go 90s, into the dot.com recession, the housing boom thereafter, into the Great Recession, and end at the recent recovery. Metro areas are represented by bubbles, and those bubbles will grow or shrink in relation to the amount of job gain or loss, with job gains in blue and job losses in red. Some highlights to look for are the persistent issues surrounding Detroit, the impact of Hurricane Katrina upon the New Orleans area around 2006, and also the pervasive impact the Great Recession had across the entire nation. Pretty impressive. Enjoy.

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