Thursday, June 11, 2015

Utah Ranks 6th In Advanced Industry Employment Concentration

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (2014Q3)
* Select from the list at the right to update the map for specific Advanced Industries - top 4 are aggregates.
* Hover over the bubbles on the map to see the LQs, relative rankings, and employment levels for each state. 
Matt Schroeder, Regional Economist

Previously, we posted a blog highlighting the trends in and importance of Utah's Advanced Industries (as defined by the Brookings Institution). As a follow-up, we've created an interactive map to compare the relative concentration of employment in Advanced Industries across the United States.

Location quotients (LQ) were calculated for the Advanced Industries in each state. LQs compare the share of workers in each industry in a specific state to the share of workers in the same industry nationwide.  This is a common metric used by economists to gauge the relative prominence of various industries in a state and answer questions like, "How dependent is Utah on oil and gas extraction?"  

A LQ of one tells us that the state share of workers employed in a given industry is identical to the U.S. share. A LQ greater than one is saying that a state has a higher concentration of employment in an industry compared to the nation as a whole, and visa versa for an LQ less than one. 


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